Day: February 9, 2023

5 Queen Fitted Sheets That Will Improve Your Sleep Quality

queen fitted sheet

A queen fitted sheet is a must-have for any bedroom. These sheets are designed to tuck under the mattress completely and prevent them from bunching up or slipping off the bed.

The right fitted sheet can make a huge difference in your sleep quality. The most important thing is to get one that fits well with your mattress thickness. If the fitted sheet is too shallow, it won’t tuck in all the way and may even bunch up around the sides.

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

The best sheets are made of long-staple organic cotton that has gone through the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification process. This certification outlines strict standards throughout the entire production process, not just the growing of the fiber.

“The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Queen Fitted Sheet

The most luxurious cotton sheets have bamboo fibers added to the fabric, elevating their softness and bringing them into the next level of luxury. These sheets also have a sateen weave, which gives them a more silky-soft touch and a sheen that adds a luxurious look to your bedroom decor.

These are a great option for anyone who loves cotton, but wants a sheet set that’s more eco-friendly and sustainable. The eucalyptus fibers used to make this lyocell fabric require far less water than linen or cotton, and they can be composted after they’re no longer useful.

Night Sweats Sheets from Peach Skin

If you’re the type of person who gets hot at night, consider this set from Atlanta-based brand Peach Skin. The fabric’s woven fibers are designed to wick away moisture and help regulate your body temperature, helping you stay cool at night while still feeling cozy and comfortable.