Athletic Fit Menswear

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Athletic Fit Menswear

About Athletic Fit Menswear

The ideal dress shirt for an athletic build can be hard to find. With most big brands only offering a standard or slim fit, both of which have a tendency to be too baggy in the body’s core, the options can be limited for guys who want a dress shirt that looks polished and tailored without being clingy.

That’s where brands like Mizzen + Main come in. Their dress shirts feature an athletic fit silhouette, which is slightly more tapered in the upper body and chest than a slim fit shirt but still fits well in the waist. With darts behind the shirt that pull it in and a seam that aligns with the shoulder bones, the look is tailored but not tight. Find out

Stylish and Functional: Discovering the World of Athletic Fit Outerwear

Similarly, the company’s jeans for athletic builds also have a tapered fit that works with muscular legs. The 410 jeans for larger guys are designed to balance the classic straight cut with a leg that’s narrower than a slim fit jean, which is great for lifting, running and other active activities. With a touch of spandex and polyester, the fabric is comfortable, stretchy and has wrinkle resistance.

Though the 410 jeans were built with professional athletes in mind, that shouldn’t stop everyday guys who care about their bodies from wearing them. Whether you pair them with a crisp button-up or a flannel for date night, they look just as good with a pair of sneakers and box-fresh hoodies as they do with a suit jacket and tie for work.

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