Best Gym Shoes For All Types of Workouts

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Whether you’re looking for running shoes, weightlifting shoes, or sneakers to wear for CrossFit classes and HIIT workouts, finding the right gym shoes can help you get the most out of your time at the gym. But picking the best pair of workout shoes can be tricky, since there are so many styles on the market.

To help you find the best shoes for your needs, we consulted physical therapists and personal trainers about what makes the best gym shoes for different workouts. Below, we’ve rounded up 16 of the best options that can help you keep up with your training goals in 2023. Learn more :

The best fitness shoes for plyometrics, Crossfit, and HIIT (high-intensity interval training) exercise are those with good shock absorption, which helps you feel comfortable as you jump or run. Similarly, if you do rope climbs or any other heavy lifts, look for a shoe with grippy soles, as well.

Choosing the best strength-training shoes is an important part of any workout routine, according to Tiffany Thompson, NASM-certified performance coach at Future. “You should choose a shoe that’s inflexible and stable, which will provide good support for your feet,” she told SELF previously.

Some lifters prefer lifting shoes with a flat sole, while others prefer those with a higher heel to give their feet more stability during squats or deadlifts. If you’re in the middle, we recommend a neutral shoe with a firm and stable midsole.

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