Cancun’s Tourist Tax Will Be Paid Online, In Person Or At A VISITAX Kiosk

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cancun tourist tax

When the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, which includes cancun tourist tax and Riviera Maya, announced it would require tourists to pay a fee to help fund tourism-related infrastructure, many travelers were unaware or decided not to comply. This is because the implementation of the new tax wasn’t well publicized and lacked any enforcement mechanism. However, the airports are slowly implementing VISITAX kiosks that will allow visitors to pay the tax online, in person or on their departure flight.

Navigating the Cancun Tourist Tax: What Travelers Need to Know

The streamlined process will make it much easier for travelers to pay the tax, especially since the required information and process is simple. Additionally, large groups can process the fee together making it even more convenient for families and friends traveling to the region. This is also an excellent opportunity for tourism destinations to offer additional services that will make the payment process even easier, such as health and safety support tools, or an embedded link to Quintana Roo’s Guest Assist program.

Cancun is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations, and its mandatory tourist tax should help fund infrastructure that will benefit everyone. Hopefully, the system can be improved over time, and more stringent enforcement will follow so that all travelers can enjoy their trip without a hassle.

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