Early Intervention Speech Therapy Boosts Your Child’s Communication Skills

early intervention speech therapyEarly Intervention speech therapy can help you boost your child’s communication skills. It works by addressing developmental delays before they turn serious. The goal is to help children catch up to their peers before school.

An early intervention therapist will work with you and your child to devise a plan to improve their communication skills. Often, the therapist will use a wide variety of techniques.

For example, articulation therapy involves teaching children how to make the correct syllables. Activities are often age-appropriate and based on the child’s individual needs.

Another benefit of speech therapy is the increased efficiency of communication. By using visuals and games, the therapist can help your child increase their understanding of language. This may include encouraging your child to mimic actions with toys.

When your child has a speech disorder, he or she loses access to educational experiences and family situations. If you’re concerned, your doctor can refer you to an early intervention program. In some cases, the services may be covered by a National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) package.

The Role of Parents in Early Intervention Speech Therapy

Parents can learn about the different types of communication disorders, as well as strategies to help their children. They can also download web-based materials for parent coaching. Having a supportive, patient family member is vital to a child’s success.

Most of the initial evaluations include clinical observation of the child while he or she is playing or speaking. Those that are more formal include standardized tests.

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