Eco-Friendly Wedding Catering Inspiration

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ecofriendly wedding catering inspiration

Choosing an eco-friendly wedding catering inspiration is the first step to making sure your wedding has minimal impact on the earth. Talk to your catering company about how they work with local farmers and vendors to source ingredients. Also, ask if they use biodegradable plates and utensils. These items will break down in a matter of months, and they look much more beautiful than standard plastic!

You can go even further by asking your caterers if they offer plant-based meals, as this is a huge way to cut down on waste and cruelty. Plus, plant-based foods are a healthy choice that will make your guests happy!

Farm-to-Table Romance: Locally Sourced Wedding Catering

Food waste is one of the biggest issues for our environment, especially when it rots in landfills and emits methane. To avoid this, you can encourage your guests to take their leftovers with them (and provide doggy bags), or donate to a charity. You could also serve cupcakes instead of full-sized cakes, as these are easy to eat on the go and won’t require extra packaging.

Save bottles leading up to your day, and then use them as vases and candle holders throughout the venue. This will create a unique and stunning decor element for your big day, and is an excellent way to reduce waste! You could also repurpose old frames from family and friends, or buy reusable chalkboards to relay seating plans, welcome messages, or the order of events.

Ditch the rice and confetti for something that is even more eco-conscious—leaves, rose petals, or herbs will be just as pretty, and won’t wreak havoc on the ecosystem. These can be easily distributed in kraft paper bags or vases for an eco-friendly exit toss.

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