Futura Font Download

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The futura font download is one of the most widely used and loved typefaces for many decades. It is a geometric sans serif that is famous for its simple and clean look. It is also known for its functionality and forward-looking design.

Is Futura a Google font?

The history of this typeface goes back to 1927 when it was designed by Paul Renner and released by the Bauer Type Foundry. It was based on geometric shapes that were representative of the Bauhaus style of art and design.

This font is very versatile and is often used for branding, logos, advertising and print. Its bold weight is ideal for use in these areas and is available for free.

Futura is a super popular geometric sans serif typeface that was designed by German designer Paul Renner in 1927. It was a contribution to the New Frankfurt-project and is based on geometric shapes that are equivalent in spirit to the Bauhaus style of design. The font is highly popular and remains as important as ever in print and digital design as it is used for both headlines and body text font on a daily basis.

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