What Is a Multi Use Games Area?

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Multi Use Games Area

A Multi-use Games Area – MUGA is an all-weather surface for sports, such as football, netball, basketball and hockey. It can be made from a variety of materials including natural grass, artificial sports surfaces, sports tiles or tarmac. These areas can be open ended, partially enclosed or fully fenced and come in a range of sizes from key area 6m x 7.5m to full court 15m x 30m.

These all-weather pitches are popular in schools because children can play a range of team sports in one space, so they remain engaged and don’t get bored. This has a positive impact on their wellbeing and gives them the opportunity to gain a healthy lifestyle while having fun with friends.

Versatility Meets Recreation: Exploring Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGAs)

MUGAs are a great idea for schools that don’t have enough outdoor space to install dedicated courts for each sport. They can also be used as part of after school sports clubs run by teachers or outside agencies.

This rooftop MUGA in Stepney Green Maths, Computing and Science College, London was installed with an artificial cricket wicket from sports surface manufacturer Playrite. The multi-sport pitch is constructed from the high performance sports surfacing Matchplay 2, which offers a more natural feel compared to other products on the market and has the durability to take a range of different sports, allowing pupils to enjoy a wide variety of games all year round.

The cost of a new-build MUGA varies depending on the surface type and project specifications. The cheapest surface is standard macadam which is typically suited to court based sports such as tennis and netball, while sand-dressed synthetic turf with shockpad provides a suitable surface for hockey and recreational football training.

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