What is Wet Pour Rubber?

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wet pour rubber

Wet pour rubber is an impact absorbing surface most commonly used for playground flooring and other applications. It is a mixture of rubber granules bound together with polyurethane binders and manufactured on site, it can be laid on an existing suitable or specially prepared base to provide a continuous surfacing free from any joints, a single join may be necessary under exceptional circumstances.

A wet pour system is installed over an existing hard standing base such as tarmac, concrete, paving slabs or even compacted gravel. The base is then levelled off to a minimum of 100mm and the surface is installed to a required depth. The wet pour system is available in a wide range of colours and patterns to accommodate the needs of different locations. Educational aids and designs can also be incorporated into the surface for extra visual appeal.

The Ultimate Guide to Wet Pour Rubber Surfacing

The surface is extremely durable and hard-wearing. It can withstand high levels of usage and does not need to be resurfaced very often, which helps to keep costs down. The surfaces are easy to clean and can be swept regularly to remove debris and moss. Wet pour surfaces do not require any specialised cleaning products to be used, however oil marks and other stains can be removed by spraying with methylated spirits.

Wet pour rubber surfaces are very comfortable to walk on and are ideal for children, as they are not slippery when wet. They are crack proof and able to withstand drastic weather changes, meaning they can continue to be used all year round.

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